Sunday, May 06, 2007

I survived...and I CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!!

I survived....and I CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!

OK, sure...great few days with White TShirt, loads of fun hosting the girl scout troup from PA, but I'm talking about today. Those other things are for other posts.

This morning was my first full triathlon workout. That is, 1000 yard swim, 17.5 mile bike, 5k run.

When I was a kid in NEPA, the Super Dooper Looper roller coaster was new at Hershey Park. All the coolest kids rode it and got these neat shirts that said, 'I Survived the Super Dooper Looper'--- I soooo wanted one of those shirts.

That thought kept me giggling through the toughest parts, because I want a shirt that says 'I Survived the Iron Girl'.

So, I finished in less than three hours. The only part that didn't simulate the actual race conditions was the swim was in a pool at the gym and you got to rest driving to the bike route. Oh, and of course, there weren't 1799 other people along side me.

So I swam the 40 laps. What do you think about while you're swimming for a half an hour? First and foremost I'm thinking about my stroke, and how many strokes per lane. I'm paying attention to my breathing and reminding myself to slow down. I slowed down a lot and it took me an extra minute or so to do the 400(which is the distance for my 1st race in June)-- I didn't care because I had anohter 600 to go. Other thoughts snuck into my head, stuff from last week, funny things people said, and thinking through work stuff for next week. Lists, I make lots of lists.

After the swim, I put on dry don't get to do that in a race! It was not easy to get dressed...cycling clothes and running clothes are tight and they don't go easily on a wet body.
In the car, I ate something quickly and cranked up the music, but CRAP! Forgot my IPOD!!! Oh, the radio, I guess...meh!

Got to the park, parked, realized it was 50 freakin' degrees! That's cold when you ride a bike and COLDER when you're still wet from a swim. So I put on as many layers as possible and hopped on my bike. I took the slow and steady approach, enjoyed the downhills even though my nose was running and it was COOOOOOLD! (lucky I had my knit elmo gloves in the car-- but now they're in the laundry 'cause I had to wipe my nose on them-- and the sleeve of my jacket)
Killed the hills, got passed by my team mates who are doing the longer triathlon. We talked as they blew by me...oh well. What was I thinking while I rode totally alone? Sunscreen. I forgot sunscreen. Oh crap, shift. Not with that finger STUPID! Pointer finger means EASY middle finger HARDER!! Stupid! Shift back shift BAAAAACK! Ahh....downhill...FUCK IT's COLD. I forgot chapstick. My lips hurt. Damn! Another hill!!!

It was cold at traffic lights, it was cold on the downhills. Ugh! Got to take it easy to save my legs for running.

I hate the running. You know how I hate the running. But, I could sit at my car and whine or I could suck it up and get it over with. So I chose the latter.

Of course, my MP3 with new batteries didn't work AGAIN...but I ran alone, and got one 'you go momma' from a lady who was walking with her kids. I sorta missed running into my team and was only able to give a couple of people shit.

I did see a beautiful cardinal. That was nice. But my legs were screaming. I did it. I finished.
I came home, took a bath, then a nap.

I can't tell you how much I love pushing myself this way and how much I'd hate to go back to my regular life.....ahhhhhhhh.


g-man said...

WOW! Great for you. When I saw your mom this morning she said that is what you were doing today. I said a prayer. ;)

Extra big hugs for you!

Scorpy said...

WELL DONE!!! Now all you have to do is remember all the KIT you need for your transitions:

Protein bars
Sports Drink

and I used to take a bandana to tie around my mouth on the cold days because the wind shill would not only freeze my knuckles but also my lungs and it HURT lol
Anyway, great effort and a good time too.
PS: I always wanted the T Shirt so I could show off ;)

Heather said...

This IS your normal life sister! Congrats on tackling it, knew you could do it!

sillychick said...

Add, "Inspiration to Sillychick" to your list of things about you.

Great going!

giantelf said...

I got one of those shirts. earned it too. Cried the entire time I was waiting in line for that coaster. (I was around 12 was quite the scene.)

Wore it proudly.