Thursday, May 03, 2007'd it go...

Yes, I've gotten lots of questions from ya'll, so here is the update.

We ended up having lunch, lolling on my patio for a bit, then to the mall for some light shopping. At some point we decided that mini golf sounded like fun, so off to the links. But first, we changed into our new clothes in the parking lot (we were wearing jeans and it was hot and he'd bought some shorts and I'd bought a skirt). Good times.

We had a blast. Nothing like playing hookey on a sunny afternoon and hanging with a friend. One of the 'water features' had what appeared to be several thousand tadpoles. So when we were done, we caught some and brought them home for the boys. If anyone has tadpole raising advice, I'd love the help. We'll be making a trip to the library today and surfing wikipedia.

We finished up in time for me to pick up the kids and get to kickbal. Excellent games. The rowdiest yet. He came to watch us play, and a few of us went for drinks afterward.

I don't drink often, but I knew he'd make sure I got home, so 5 or so margarita's later my other team mates called it a night. That's when HE took me to another bar.

Mind you, I'm wearing my kickball clothes, I'm sweaty and my hair is in pigtails. We're at this club on ladies night where everyone else is dressed to the nines. I HAD A BLAST! It is so much more fun to go out like that when you don't give a shit.

So, we stumbled in around 1. And talked for a while. And somehow I ended up laying on the couch in his arms. We slept that way most of the night. It was nice. I think we both sort of needed it. No groping or anything that would perk up GMan's ears. Just laying.

At some point, I thought I heard the boys, so I went upstairs and crawled into my bed. He woke up with us this morning and we talked for a while.

I logged back into myspace and deleted the message I sent asking him if he WANTED to be the guy in the white shirt. I don't want to know in advance. Too much crap is up in the air and I like being able to speak freely and fart when I have to. And I could use a friend to let my hair down with. And if it is HIM that's fine.

*****Thursday afternoon update*********
We had lunch (I'm working a full day, of course) and I got back to the office to find that he'd received the myspace question asking if he WANTED to be the guy in the white shirt. In essence, he said he did, and I responded 'GOOD'. And it made me smile. And blush.

OH, and for those of you confused by the whole, 'friend who is staying at my house' thing. He lives several hours away. He has some stuff to do in town, and rather than drive home and back again, he asked to crash at my place and hang out between meetings. So I said SURE! Just like I'd do for any of you. While we've spent a lot of time chatting online, and we'd met in the past, our meetings were so long ago neither of us remembers, but we move in the same circles and know the same people. So it isn't like he's a stranger with a key to my house. Just a friend I hand't totally met yet.


Serge Halimoncevich said...

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g-man said...

Despite the flavor of our unique relationship, I do enjoy hearing about all the aspects of you day. I too enjoy just cuddling with Heather, so I can appreciate that. Which also means that I wouldn't pass on a good "groping" story ;)

I hope that everything goes the way that works best for you.

Rach said...

Sounds like the perfect evening, just what you needed I suspect

Sizzle said...

friends often become the best mates (as in, there are perks!).

sounds like a really great day from beginning to end. yay!

Anonymous said...

So that's where those sperming looking little creatures came from??

Heather said...

Glad you had fun, he *is* a cutie!

TxGambit said...

Good! It sounds like it was nice. Whoohooo.