Wednesday, May 09, 2007

We Sing

Those who've known me for a while know that I sing all the time. Mostly when I'm alone or with the boys, but often. It is a release, it is fun, and in my head I'm a rock star.

So, imagine the warm tears of joy when Karateboy mentioned in the van Monday evening that he learned a new song in music. Frere Jaques. Well, we sang it in French, sang it in English, I taught him how to sing it in a round....we're nerds. I was totally Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

All those hours I spent when he was a baby playing Mozart and lots of other kinds of music are paying off. When the boys beg to hear 'Move Along' by the All American Rejects or 'More' by Matthew West-- I'll play them on the one condition that they sing along and LOUDLY.

Karateboy knows all the boy parts from Moulin Rouge. He's Ewan McGregor and I get to be Nicole Kidman. I'm working on the Les Miserables soundtrack. I like to be Eponine in 'A Little Fall of Rain'. Yep. That's how I spend my free time. Making my sons show tune junkies!!

(For balance, they're learning Karate...really!!)

One of the best compliments I received recently was from the pastor at my old church who missed me singing in the band. It means a lot, because my history with competitive singing went a lot like my history with competitive spelling. The pressure killed me and I failed.

See, district chorus tryouts were tough. And as an alto, you get the harmony part of this REALLY HARD song. I knew it. I knew it inside and out. I just blew it. And what I had to sing was UGLY. I can't compete and sing something that doesn't move my soul!!!

Then, when I wanted a solo in the choir in high school, I had competition. Instead of letting us fight for it, or choosing one over the other, Mr. Locke decided that Molly Mather and I would split the solo. I practiced like crazy. I was ready.

When it was time, live, in concert, Molly came in several bars early. Thoroughly throwing a choir of 200 people off and completely ruining my moment. Curse you Molly !! (admittedly she was probably just as nervous as I was, and who could blame her. Actually she probably saved me some sort of public embarrassment.)

There were only two other times that I sang as a teenager and there is video somewhere to prove it. I sang 'Take My Breath Away' in the spring concert, which is totally not within my range but no one had the heart to tell me. And I sang something in one of the pageants I was in. I just don't remember what. I think it might have been The Rose. 'Cause I can do Bette Middler.

All that training I SWEAR has paid off in this triathlon thing. I think I had a much easier time learning to breathe than the others. Not really a sport, but a muscle exercised nonetheless!

Kind of funny that my favorite songs these days are heavy metal ones-- but I require the singers to actually sing. There must be lots of drum and screaming guitars. There can be SOME screaming, but mostly I'm in love with the melody. And the singing along. And I don't care if no one EVER wants to listen. It's just for me and I hope to pass that love onto the boys (I think I already have).

I'd love to learn to play piano and read music and tune my ear better. All in good time. All in good time.


Sizzle said...

i think singing is one of the most fun things to do- very freeing whether you are good or not. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the boys are well rounded in music. They also listen to and sing along with Ronan Tynan, the Irish Tenor. I think their favorite song is The Old Man though they try to sing most of the songs. It calms them down.

And yes, it was the Rose.

Melissa said...

As an aside - those boys are going to NEED that karate if they start belting out show tunes on the play ground.

Keep singing.

g-man said...

Speaking of which did you get that music DVD from my lovely wife? I also downloaded two albums from iTunes recently, I forget if I made copies of those for you.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

I am so impressed! I have *always* wanted to be able to sing.

Anonymous said...

I love that song from Les Mis! But the one I always sing to at the top of my lungs in my car is Eponine's "On My Own". Oh, man. I cry every time. Singing - best stress release ever!

Gadfly said...


Thank goodness for the karate. They're going to need it.

I can sing a bit as well. Got decent range. I can sing the National Anthem.

I can't hit that C above the staff that some showoffs do when they sing it -- but that's not actually written into the music :o)

Builder Mama said...

A ha...I knew we were kindred spirits in some way. I am the queen of show tunes. Yeah, I know. Can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, but I can belt out the entire score to My Fair Lady with no problem. It's kind of embarrassing sometimes.

I always tell my husband that I should've totally been a backup singer in a band. That would be my dream.

Esmerelda said...

You guys are funny. Gadfly...the national anthem? Singing that at a sporting event is SOOO on my to do list.

Oh and Les Mis? I've got Eponine's whole role down pat. I easly play the sweet and dirty little lovelorn street urchin.

Buildermama....I think we are kindred spirits...I can't wait to get that CD from Heather.

Heather said...

Okay, I'll admit I've been carrying the damn CD around for two weeks, oops.

All I want to hear is Karateboy belting out Purple Rain is his Prince suit!